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Astellia Royal

This app is not available in China.

Auto Battle PC MMORPG with Astels in the vast World View
Invite you to the World of Astellia Royal

▣Game Introduction▣

▶Move-like 'Story' of Fantasy World◀
Conflict over 'Atra' surrounding the aura of the star with Demon
Waiting for 'Astellian' who save the world together with Astels from the darkness.

▶All-Round Summoned 'Astel'◀
Players can summon several Astels by using the power of atra.
Combine Astels which can do attack, defense, support, and Create your own party.

▶Open Field 'All Areas PK'◀
The road I go, it's Battle Field!
Feel pleasure in PK in all areas of open field!

▶ Growth System with 'No Level Limit' ◀
You can grow in the world of Astellia Royal as you want.
Feel interest in growth with no level limit

Let you know the latest update of 'Astellia Royal.
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- Requirements : CPU Intel i5, RAM 8GB
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